Celestial Pictures | Two Champions of Shaolin’s Jin Tailai and Jin Bier as played by Sun Chien and Yueng Jing-Jing
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19 Oct Two Champions of Shaolin’s Jin Tailai and Jin Bier as played by Sun Chien and Yueng Jing-Jing

Age of the siblings: Late 20s

Martial / Weapons Skills:

Big brother Jin Tailin can evade the Blood Knife style of kung fu with his high kicks and quick reflexes. His legwork can match and slay armed opponents, and few can avoid his relentless footwork.


Little sister Jin Bier was trained in the Blood Knife style since their father thought a woman should know some martial skill. This form includes throwing the curved blades in a boomerang style, almost always a guarantee the victim will be struck down.

Two Champions of Shaolin could also refer to the Jin children: the son and daughter of a former court soldier, their late father no longer desired life as a killing machine. Master Jin trained his children in the use (Bier) and defense (Tailai) of the Blood Knife technique.


The siblings remain in hiding as Li Dezhong and other Wu Dang officials hunt Shaolin schooled martial artists. Brother and sister’s quiet existence shifts south when Tong Qianjin stumbles into their home after narrowly escaping death from Li’s blades.

Soon Tong and Jin Bier fall in love and prepare to marry.

Will the siblings find happiness and bliss with Shaolin strong man Tong as part of their family?

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