Celestial Pictures | Shaolin Temple’s “Little Master” Man Yue as played by Chiang Sheng
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04 Nov Shaolin Temple’s “Little Master” Man Yue as played by Chiang Sheng

“Entering the Alley doesn’t deserve death. There’s “U-Turn Road” in the alley. It’s to give people a chance to go back.

Age: Early Twenties

Affectionately called Little Master by new and seasoned adepts alike, Man Yue is among Shaolin Temple’s most loyal monks. Answering to the Great Master, this young disciple handles many duties including training in the Shaolin staff. His sweet nature hides Man Yue’s bright mind.

Martial / Weapons Skills:

Be it bare-handed or brandishing a weapon (staff or sword), Man Yue makes a formidable opponent with his agility and speed.


While the Little Master can come across as rather young, Man Yue slowly reveals just why he is the Great Master’s assistant and favorite adept. Not only does he adhere to the ways of Shaolin Temple, but this disciple understands far more about the good and evil in men than some twice his age. As the corrupt Master’s plot is revealed, the devoted Man Yue does everything he can to help the good-hearted, including those who do not share the temple’s best interests.

Will he survive and continue to uphold the disciplines of Shaolin Temple?

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