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In the beginning, there were five. Each with a deadly style. They schemed for a treasure. Word on the street, the Venoms are alive. They pulled a Keyser Soze on you muthasuckas; just like the devil, they made you think they didn’t exist, that they were not real. In secret, they created a criminal organization; five became six, a clan became a nation. In hiding, the Poison Clan mastered the art of getting over.

I tracked down their teacher, who still lives in seclusion. He admitted that he faked his illness to rid himself of his pupils. He agreed to speak to me so that I could warn others, publish what I knew about the clan’s diabolical scheme, he said “I must tell you that the clan is a danger to the public… but still, for many men, just to hear of the name, fills them with hate and loathing…” This made sense, I had first heard of the Poison Clan in 89 when a friend told me about their deviltry — just like you, I thought they were gone.

After a great deal of coercion, the Poison Clan teacher provided me with the real names of his students and information about other criminal enterprises they belong to.

Number one was The Centipede aka Lu Feng 鹿峰.  He was born in Taiwan, and began learning kung fu at the age of eight. His evil and treachery didn’t prevent him from becoming a Crippled Avenger, who lived in a House of Traps. He even battled the legendary Shaolin Rescuers.

Number two, The Snake aka Wei Pai 韦白. A secret part of his training made him impervious to darts. You and many others believed in the death of this Magnificent Butcher who Returned to the 36th Chamber and was a rumored associate of the Ten Tigers of Kwangtung.

Number three, The Scorpion aka Sun Chien 孙建. Abandoned by this parents and raised by two sisters in Taiwan. He and Number Two had trained secretly, the wounds he received from The Snakes’ fangs were merely an illusion. He later challenged the Two Champions of Shaolin. His bold disrespectful ways lead him to the imperial court, where he challenged The Emperor and His Brother.

Number Four the Lizard aka Philip Kwok 郭追. Before he learned the arts of the clan, he was a circus performer. He later fought in the Boxer Rebellion. A Rebel Intruder who wielded a Flag of Iron and swung The Sword Stained with Royal Blood.

Number Five was the Toad aka Lo Meng 罗莽. A man of incomparable strength. You thought he suffocated, he secretly escaped and had a rendezvous with the other members of the clan. He later became known as The Kid With The Golden Arm. A skilled fighter, excellent with weapons, a Brave Archer. A member of many crews including The Rebel Intruders, Daredevils, and Magnificent Ruffians.

Number Six aka Equality aka Chiang Sheng 江生, the final member of the clan, who learned all five styles. He was trained in the ways of the Chinese opera and then learned kung fu. One of the infamous Masked Avengers, involved in the War of Shaolin Temple.

These men, when you speak of them, whisper their names.  The clan has spread to all countries and tongues. Before I left, their teacher, he advised me to proceed with caution “I know, it’s going to be tough… if they find out… it’s possible they may harm you.”

They faked their deaths, so the world would think they were finished — to make you and think they didn’t exist.  The greatest con, the art of getting over, mastered by the clan.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already in danger. Pray they don’t find you. But still, if you’re approached one evening by a member of the clan, remember this sentence — say it quickly and correctly. It may save your life:

Poison Clan Rocks The World!

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