Celestial Pictures | Naval Commandos’ Song San as played by David Chiang
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08 Nov Naval Commandos’ Song San as played by David Chiang

“No. I am Chinese.

Local Triad boss Song San works independently to thwart the invading Japanese in his beloved Shanghai. Song ultimately joins the titular group of Chinese military bent on driving the would-be usurpers out of their homeland.

Martial / Weapons Skills:

While Song knows some bare handed Kung Fu, his real martial skill is his ability to manipulate and make people believe in his stories. He pulls the wool over many Japanese eyes, and too, his brothers in the Chinese Naval fleet.

Song’s calm, cool demeanor can defuse any situation, make others listen and more importantly, obey him. He may be slight and not much a fighter, but Song San is a warrior in his strategies, resolve, and charm. This wily gangster has his reasons for appearing to be a traitor even as he hides his disgust in working with his foes.

Eventually, Song joins the commandos on their quest to sink the Japanese battleship the Izuma, through a literal gift horse ploy to bring down the enemy flagship.

Will Song redeem himself and help his country’s Navy to victory over the Japanese?

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