Celestial Pictures | Movie Pick Of The Week: Challenge of The Masters
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10 Feb Movie Pick Of The Week: Challenge of The Masters

Students! Class is officially in Session! My movie pick of the week is The Challenges of The Masters.

I chose this movie because it tells the origin story of Chinese martial artist and folk legend Wong Fei-Hung. Wong Fei-hung was considered by many an expert in the Hung Ga style of Chinese martial arts and has been portrayed in over 100 films and television series.

But who was the first to portray him in a film?

You guessed it. The Shaw Brothers beat everyone to it and did it first in 1976. They also did a killer job casting Gordon Liu as the legend Wong Fei-hung… which he absolutely NAILS despite it being his first starring role.

Shaw Brothers gordon liu challenge of the masters

This movies stands out as it shows probably the most raw student to master relationship I’ve seen in any kung fu film. Every lesson that Wong Fei-hung receives from his master Lu Ah-Tsai shows it worth throughout the course of the film. If you want to watch the transformation of a clumsy kid into a kung fu master, this film is definitely for you.

So students…listen up and watch this incredibly badass film!

You can watch The Challenge of The Masters online on: iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, and Amazon.

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