Celestial Pictures | Marco Polo’s Brother Zhou and Chief Wang of Tiandiao Mansion as played by Chi Kuan Chun and Lo Dik
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31 Oct Marco Polo’s Brother Zhou and Chief Wang of Tiandiao Mansion as played by Chi Kuan Chun and Lo Dik

“For “Bell Cover,” the training gets worse. In the end, there will
be one or two inches of area which isn’t covered. If you can keep
that area as small as possible, you’ve achieved a lot.”

Zhou, the second of five young sworn brothers from Yangzhou, vows to learn Bell Cover kung fu to avenge his fallen comrade and protect his people from the Mongols.

Martial / Weapons Skills:

Young Zhou studies the invincible armor style called Bell Cover. This protective martial art will make him invulnerable to weapons. Zhou already has a solid foundation in some Hung Ga forms, making him a most formidable opponent.

Zhou’s Master is Chief Wang, teacher of Bell Cover Kung Fu and the leader of the secret Han rebellion. Chief Wang hides his skills by hiding behind his title of the Master of Tiandao Mansion. Under the guise of labor, Zhou, and his three remaining blood brothers learn the martial arts needed at Tiandao Mansion to potentially defeat Cai-Dalu and the rest of Khan’s vicious Mongols.

Bell Cover kung fu encompasses the Invincible Armor style; incorporating particularly harsh training to make one’s body immune to any blows from weaponry. Chief Wang instructs Zhou in cutting up “the bamboo branches in the east.” Bamboo’s fibrous stalk is hard to break and yet a broken branch of bamboo can be razor sharp, so even someone with Zhou’s profound hand and forearm strength cannot make this sturdy plant yield, so Wang shows the young man a technique to take down the plant with his legs. Eventually, Zhou will use his entire frame to bend and break the bamboo building up a near perfect armament against any foe’s arrows or blades.

Zhou is a natural leader with a bold spirit. He will do everything and anything it takes to remove the Mongols from Yangzhou. The Chief of Tiandao recognizes these traits in Zhou and is tough yet kind with his pupil, for he knows if Zhou succeeds he could lead their people to victory over Khan and his associates.

Will this agonizing training be enough for Zhou to protect himself, the people of Yangzhou and avenge his fallen friend?

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