Celestial Pictures | Marco Polo: Khan’s number one warrior Cai-Dalu as played by Leung Kar Yan
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04 Nov Marco Polo: Khan’s number one warrior Cai-Dalu as played by Leung Kar Yan

“Stop! It may be a trick. They are trying to
‘lure the tiger out of the mountain’.

As Mongolia’s fiercest and most powerful martial artist, Cai-Dalu is not someone you want to engage in a fight.

Martial / Weapons Skills:

The Great Palm: Cai-Dalu wields this lethal hand strike, which can kill with one blow and no more than two. The damage resonating from this strike causes internal bleeding often killing a weaker opponent leaving while behind a tell-tale purple print. The Great Palm becomes even more devastating when delivered with both hands.

With this punch, Cai-Dalu can break through most strikes including those training in the invincible armor style known as “Bell Cover.”

This Mongolian has an even more powerfully fatal punch in reserve. When Cai-Dalu focuses his chi and massive strength into his dominant hand, the subsequent blow can intensify the impact.

Additionally, this well-studied warrior is an excellent strategist and can wield a blade in an equally violent fashion.

Will Cai-Dalu defeat the Hans of Tiandao Mansion or fail his Master?

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