Celestial Pictures | Magnificent Wanderers’ Chu Tie Xia as played by David Chiang
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08 Nov Magnificent Wanderers’ Chu Tie Xia as played by David Chiang

“So he’s after my money!”

A revolutionary hero pitted against the overlord Mongols; Chu does whatever he can to help his people. He may come across as a cultured member of high society, but in truth, this young man knows his priorities lie with the oppressed.

Age: Twenties

Martial / Weapons Skills:

An affluent master archer, Chu Tie Xia boasts the speed, agility, and dexterity required of a Bowman. Instead of arrows, Chu deploys gold pellets, and these projectiles act almost like bullets, their impact not unlike a gun. His bow also doubles as a block and parry weapon.

Chu’s wealth is also a weapon, allowing him to fight and talk his way out of many sticky situations.

And with his quick mind, Chu always seems to be one step ahead of those who attempt to cheat and hurt him. It is no wonder he yearns to defeat the Mongols who rule these lands. With Chu Tie Xia around, one can be sure Khan and his people won’t stay in power forever.

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