Celestial Pictures | Kara Hui Interview Video #4 – Working With Liu Chia-Liang
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29 Mar Kara Hui Interview Video #4 – Working With Liu Chia-Liang

In this week’s exclusive Kara Hui Interview Series, Kara talks about working with Liu Chia-Liang! Dirty Ho was the first of many films that Kara worked on with Liu Chia-Liang. Starting out as an extra, Kara made her move to a lead role when the original lead actress quit. Remembering Kara’s Kung Fu skills in her Brave Archer audition tape, Liu Chia-Liang offered her the lead role instantly.

Kara also touches on how her unique take on Kung Fu and how Liu Chia-Liang helped her find it. Combining Kara’s Northern Style with Liu Chia-Liang’s Southern Style, Kara’s fighting style stood out from the rest. Catch the interview to learn more about her experience working with Liu Chia-Liang and how it helped her rise to Kung Fu stardom!