Celestial Pictures | Brave Archer 3’s Scholar Zhu Ziliu as played by Sun Chien
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11 Oct Brave Archer 3’s Scholar Zhu Ziliu as played by Sun Chien

“What are the profound details?”

sunchienAge: Probably in his 30s.

Martial / Weapons Skills:

Great Intellect. Zhu is a devoted pupil who dutifully studies the classics, particularly the Analects of Confucius. He will not acknowledge visitors unless they address the classic he is reading. Quick to compose a stanza or protect himself and innocents with his kicks, this scholar is far more than a bookworm. In truth, this well-educated man is former Emperor Duan’s first disciple, a gallant who speaks for his brothers and calms tempers. Zhu is the last defense upon any visitors who attempt to see his teacher.

Kicking based kung fu. This eternal student is a formidable martial artist whose boot work can kill. His legwork can be as effective as any bare hand or weapons-based style.


Scholar Zhu Ziliu’s swift kicks are quite forceful.

Fan and baton. Zhu’s ever-present fan not only serves as a meter of rhythm when he creates new couplets or phrases, but it is a splendid weapon too. Used to block, push back or confuse the enemy, a fan in this wise man’s grasp is anything but an ornament. He uses the iron baton to block bladed weapons and to strike at his adversary. Zhu’s techniques are so finely honed, he can wield both the fan and baton while kicking.


It takes quite a bit of skill to turn a fan into such a powerful weapon.

Humility. Zhu graciously accepts that there is always someone better than him after Rong-Er’s playful mind games and Tsung’s flying skills put “the fourth door to the Emperor” in his place.

Zhu’s penetrating wisdom thwarts most visitors who attempt an audience with his Master, the onetime ruler of Da Li country. If necessary, Zhu Ziliu will rely on his powerful martial skills. This scholar cares deeply for his master and will lay down his life if necessary. He is quick to obey his sifu, and ultimately respects the young couple who seek aid from Yi Teng in spite of their dealings with Auntie Ying.

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