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29 Aug Crippled Avengers’ Black Tiger Dao Tian-Du as played by Chen Kuan Tai

“…Dao Tian-Du. Although his body is intact, his intellect is fragmentary and beyond any remedy.”

The Lord of the Dao clan (from The Crippled Avengers) is 45 years old and the father of Dao Chang the Iron Hands.

Martial Arts / Weapons SkillsThe Black Tiger style, a deadly series of four bare handed moves.

“Look at my Black Tiger three styles. One kill with each punch! Watch my punches.”

Tiger Debut: A rapid, multiple point attack. Tian-Du’s quick lunge at the enemy startles his foe, as his upward blows of hard punches and a claw strike reveal the victim’s throat which Tian-Du then constricts and tears.

Winged Style: This style is ambidextrous. With this form, Tian-Du deflects weapons and punches with a circular sweep of his left hand before delivering the killing blow: an upward jab with his right hand.

Windmill Shot: Propelling himself forward in a circular motion, Tian-Du delivers powerful full arm punches alternating between right and left, before pushing his opponent back with an ascending double handed claw punch. He distracts his foe with a kick near the groin before repeating the ambidextrous ascending strike that slays his enemy.


Later, Dao Tian-Du created a fourth punching technique called Black Tiger Fist which combines the three earlier styles into one set.

In The Crippled Avengers, this formidable “Black Tiger” is the man responsible for creating the title heroes.

Tian-Du’s ongoing feud with the Three Tigers of Tian Nan explodes when the trio kills Dao’s wife and severely maim his son Chang. Tian-Du vows to hurt anyone who comes near him or his son, as he becomes the very same person the Tian Nan Tigers were to his family.

“You can’t be called Tigers by bullying the woman and kid like that!”

After some time, Tian-Du and Chang (who now wears iron hands to replace those lost to the three Tigers) are the town overlords; employing their Black Tiger style to terrorize and dominate the community.

Anyone who offends the Dao family is maimed or killed, by Dao Chang, the Dao’s right-hand man Keeper Wen, or warriors under the Dao’s sway.

Into this totalitarian village come the young, brash Blacksmith Wei Jia-Jie (Lo Meng), the salesman Chen Shuen (Kuo Chue), the noble hero Wang Yi (Chiang Sheng) and Hu Ah-Kue (Sun Chien.) Dao Chang and the Black Tiger gang disable the four young men. The quartet spends the next three years training to overcome their physical challenges.


On the eve of Dao’s 45th birthday party, the four disabled heroes seek their vengeance upon the man who is the most ‘crippled’ person of them all.

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