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06 Jul Birth. Movies. Death. Is Very Excited About ShawBrothersUniverse.com

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Have you ever sat around and thought “Boy, I sure would like to watch the almost 800 Shaw Brothers movies out there, but I can’t because they’re not all compiled in one place?” We all have. Well worry no more. Shaw Brothers Universe is here to solve all your kung fu woes.

Shaw Brothers Universe is a site that makes it easy for you to find and watch over 760 Shaw Brother movies. Go there and click “Shaw Brothers Film Collection” and you’ll find links to them all. You also may want to let your friends and family know you’ll be busy for a while.

It can be daunting to face that many movies all at once, but the site has your back by focusing a collection on the “Venom Mob”, a group of actors who helped define this era of kung fu films….This seems like a really nice and cool way for people to get in on the most classic kung fu titles without having the benefit of a great video store or older sibling who knows some shit. I highly recommend looking into their catalogue and seeing if you can find some hidden gems.

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